Streamlight TLR-3 Weapon Light Review
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Streamlight TLR-3 Weapon Light Review


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TLR-3 LED Compact Rail Tactical Gun Mount Weaponlight
Never worry about low light conditions affecting mission success while equipped with the TLR-3 LED Compact Rail Tactical Gun Mount Weaponlight from Streamlight. Featuring a powerful C4 LED lamp and a ruggedized construction, the weaponlight is built to take on the toughest environments possible. An ambidextrous activation switch allows users...

Aug 11, 2011 : Rob Pincus
The Streamlight TLR-3 LED Compact Rail Tactical Gun Mount Weaponlight delivers a bright 90 lumen light from a C4 LED at a compact size. Rob Pincus discusses the use of a weaponlight vs. handheld flashlights and review the Streamlight TLR-3 weaponlight.
Streamlight TLR-3 Weapon Light Review
Rob Pincus here for SWAT Magazine and CopsPlus. One of the great things about the CopsPlus catalog is that there's a lot of variety of product that you can choose from and decide how best you can use it for your own personal defense or on duty. Something like this Streamlight TLR-3 is a great option for a weapons mounted light.

I personally think that your primarily light, whether you're in law enforcement or you're thinking about home defense should be a separate handheld flashlight. Having a separate handheld flashlight gives you the opportunity to separate the gun from the light. Use the light preferably intermittently and indirectly to find and identify threats and then use the firearm to actually address the threat.

This way while we're searching we're not actually pointing the firearm and the light in directions that we just want to illuminate. Of course, it's human nature if we don't practice that intermittent and indirect technique flashing at the ground, for example, or flashing off a wall and looking in another direction to see that bounce light as opposed to projecting our light exactly where we're looking. Looking in that hot light spot.

Then what we might end up doing is simply pointing the gun at something that we want to see, but if we don't know if that things is friend or foe. We don't know if it's a threat, we don't know if it's a family member of course we don't want to be pointing the firearm at it. The reality is, that if I need to drop this light and go to a 2-handed shooting position for some reason I can very quickly use the convenient toggle switch on the TLR-3 to turn that light on and be able to use it to be able to take that more precise shot in the event that that's what's necessary.

Drop the gun. Drop the gun, drop it. I also can take the momentary switch push it up and have a constant on. If I want to stay in the ready position point the gun down at the ground issue challenges, defend myself from any close quarters attack, whatever it is I might do, I can do that with this light on.

Now the TLR-3 is a LED light that means it's going to be rugged. It's going to last a long time and it's incredibly affordable at under $75 retail. If you're looking for a weapon not a light, and as I said preferably as a back up to a good handheld light the TLR-3 may be the perfect one. Check it out from Streamlight at CopsPlus.


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