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Pro-Gard Pro-Clamp Overhead Vehicle Gun Rack

Clipboards & Organizers

Sorry, this item is no longer available, but we
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Pro-Clamp Overhead Vehicle Gun Rack

This is Pro-Gard's exclusive, revolutionary roof mount gun rack system. Pro-Clamp puts the weapon right where the officer needs it. It is engineered to handle a variety of weapons. Easy, 5-minute, clamp-on installation Adjustible installation for each officer's comfort and optimum accessibility. The weapon locks into the gun rack electronically, but there is a handcuff key override. The key cylinder by itself can be removed and replaced at a later time if you decide to change from a handcuff key to a vending or straight key.

Pro-Gard SKUs

G5510ART For Chevy Caprice, G5510ART For Chevy Impala, G5510ART For Chevy Suburban, G5510ART For Chevy Tahoe, G5510ART For Ford Crown Victoria, G5510ART For Ford Expedition, G5510ART For Ford Explorer, G5510ART For GMC Yukon, G5510ART-3 For Chevy Caprice, G5510ART-3 For Chevy Impala, G5510ART-3 For Chevy Suburban, G5510ART-3 For Chevy Tahoe, G5510ART-3 For Ford Crown Victoria, G5510ART-3 For Ford Expedition, G5510ART-3 For Ford Explorer, G5510ART-3 For GMC Yukon, G5510S-T For Chevy Caprice, G5510S-T For Chevy Impala, G5510S-T For Chevy Suburban, G5510S-T For Chevy Tahoe, G5510S-T For Ford Crown Victoria, G5510S-T For Ford Expedition, G5510S-T For Ford Explorer, G5510S-T For GMC Yukon, G5510T For Chevy Caprice, G5510T For Chevy Impala, G5510T For Chevy Suburban, G5510T For Chevy Tahoe, G5510T For Ford Crown Victoria, G5510T For Ford Expedition, G5510T For Ford Explorer

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Pro-Clamp Overhead Vehicle Gun Rack

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