CopsPlus Site Map: Tactical Knives
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CopsPlus Site Map: Tactical Knives

9101 Auto Stryker Auto Knife

Columbia River
1062 Directive Tanto Plain Edge Folding Knife
1063 Directive Drop Point Plain Edge Folding Knife
1221K AUX Folder Black Serrated Folding Knife
1520 RAKKASAN Fixed Blade Knife
A.G. Russell Sting, Black Handle & Blade, Plain,Zytel S
2261TECPATL Fixed Blade Push Dagger
2620 COPACETIC Plain Edge Folding Knife
2784 DESTA Plain Edge Folding Knife
4120 PINEAPPLE Plain Edge Folding Knife
5453 BATUM Folding Knife
6415 SNICKER Plain Edge Folding Knife
K250KXP Homefront EDC Plain Edge Folding Knife
K260KKS Homefront Tactical Folding Knife
K281KXP HI JINX Z Plain Edge Folding Knife
K330GGP GUSSET Plain Edge Folding Knife
K330KKS GUSSET Black Serrated Folding Knife
K340KXP BOMBASTIC Plain Edge Folding Knife
K345KKS BOMBASTIC Black Serrated Folding Knife
CRKT M16-04Z Zytel Handle Plain Edge Knife
M16 EDC, Black Zytel Handle, Tanto Blade, ComboEdge
CRKT M16-13ZM Zytel Handle Desert Tactical Combo Edge Knife
CRKT M16-14D Desert Big Dog Tactical Combo Edge Knife
CRKT M16-14SF Special Forces Combo Edge Tactical Knife
M16-14 Special Forces, Black G10 Handle, Tanto, Combo
CRKT M21-02 Carson M21 Plain Edge Tactical Knife
M21-10KSF with Triple Point Serrations Folding Knife
M21 Carson Folder, Black G10 Handle, ComboEdge
CRKT M21-14 Carson M21 Combo Edge Knife
M21 Special Forces, Desert Tan G10 Handle, ComboEdge
M21 Special Forces, Black G10 Handle, ComboEdge Knife

AR 3.00 Stainless Steel Plain Edge Knife
AR 3.00 Stainless Steel Combo Edge Knife
Multi-Plier 600 Blunt Nose
LMF II Infantry Black Combo Edge Fixed Blade Tactical Knife
Hinderer Combat Life Saver Folding Knife
Knife - Emerson Alliance Combo Edge Model
Paraframe I Combo Edge Knife
Multi-Plier 600 D.E.T.
Evo Large Tanto Serrated Folding Knife

Smith & Wesson
CK10HBS Extreme Ops Linerlock Serrated Folding Knife
CK111S Extreme Ops Black-Blue Serrated Folding Knife
CK112 Bullseye Linerlock Black Tanto Folding Knife
CK113 Extreme Ops Framelock Black Folding Knife
CK113S Extreme Ops Framelock Serrated Folding Knife
CK13T Extreme Ops Clip Folder Tanto Folding Knife
SW-CK32C Karambit Camo Plain Edge Knife
SWCK5TBS Bullseye Extreme OPS Black Combo Edge Knife
CK5TBSD Extreme Ops Tanto Serrated Desert Folding Knife
CK6AEU Extreme Ops Lockback Aluminum Folding Knife
SW50B Extreme Ops Black 4.5" Plain Edge Knife
SW50BTS Extreme Ops Black 4.5" Tanto Serrated Edge Knife
SWHRT3 HRT Military Boot Knife
SWHRT3BF Black HRT False Edge Military Boot Knife
SWHRT7T Black HRT Tanto Boot Knife
SWHRT9B Black HRT Boot Knife
SWMP1B M&P Black MAGIC Plain Edge Knife
SWMP1BS M&P Black MAGIC Combo Edge Knife
SWMP2BS M&P Black MAGIC Scoop Back Tanto Combo Edge Knife
SWMP3B M&P Black MAGIC Tanto Plain Edge Knife
SWMP3BS M&P Black MAGIC Tanto Combo Edge Knife

C10PSBBK Endura 4 Black Combo Edge Folding Knife
C11PGYW Delica 4 Emerson Folding Knife
C11PSBBK Delica 4 Black FRN Combo Edge Folding Knife
Delica 4 FRN Foliage Green ComboEdge Folding Knife
C122GBBK Tenacious Black Folding Knife
C36GBK Military Black Blade Folding Knife
C36GCMO Military Digital Camoflage G-10 Folding Knife
C36CMOBK Military Digital Camo Black G-10 Folding Knife
C79PSBBK Assist Black SpyderEdge Folding Knife
C81GP2 Para Military 2 Plain Edge Folding Knife

Point Man Combo Edge Knife

511 Tactical
Tanto Surge (51030)
XPRT Folder (51036)
Alpha Scout Tanto Plain Edge Folding Knife (51053)
Scout Tanto Plain Edge Folding Knife (51054)
Tactical Karambit Folding Knife (51105)

KK-8750TOLBW Shuffle II Plain Edge Folding Knife
1087 DEADLINE Plain Edge Folding Knife
1160 FRAXION Plain Edge Folding Knife
1220 Reverb Plain Edge Folding Knife
1555BW Cryo Blackwash Assisted Folding Knife
1556BW Cryo II Blackwash Assisted Folding Knife
1558 Agile Plain Edge Folding Knife
1620SWBLK Scallion Plain Edge Folding Knife
1660BLKW Leek Blackwash Assisted Folding Knife
1660CF Leek Carbon Fiber Plain Edge Folding Knife
1670CAMO Camo Blur Plain Edge Folding Knife
1776NBBW Link Blue Blackwash Plain Edge Folding Knife
1812 Dividend Stonewash Plain Edge Folding Knife
1881 Eris Plain Edge Folding Knife
2460 Vedder Plain Edge Folding Knife
3930 Flitch Plain Edge Folding Knife
3935 Flourish Plain Edge Folding Knife
3960 Barstow Plain Edge Folding Knife
5520 Malt Plain Edge Folding Knife
6031 Emerson CQC-11K Plain Edge Folding Knife
6044TBLK CQC-8K Emerson Plain Edge Folding Knife
7007 Natrix Plain Edge Folding Knife
Launch 1 Blackwash Auto Folding Knife
7200BLKST Launch 2 Black Auto Serrated Folding Knife
7900GRYBLK Launch 7 Auto Plain Edge Folding Knife
8650 Barricade Plain Edge Folding Knife

Full-Size US ARMY Straight Edge Knife
Full-Size US NAVY Straight Edge Knife
Full-size US ARMY Serrated Edge Knife
Short Black Tanto Serrated Knife
BK11 Becker Necker Knife
Skeleton Knife
Short USA Serrated Knife
Black Fighter Serrated Knife
Heavy Duty Warthog Knife with Sheath
BK3 Becker TacTool Knife with Shealth
Dog's Head Utility Knife
Kraton Handled Big Brother Knife
Leather Handled Big Brother Fixed Blade Knife
TDI/Hinderer "Hinderance" Knife
TDI/Hinderer "Hell Fire" Knife
Dozier Skeleton Knife
Snody "Snake Charmer" Knife
Jarosz Tanto Plain Edge Folding Knife
USMC Vietnam Commemorative Knife
US NAVY Vietnam Commemorative Knife

AE06-CP Aegis Digi Camo Plain Edge Folding Knife
AE07-CP Aegis Tanto Digi Camo Combo Edge Folding Knife
BLT21K-CP Bladelight Camp Fixed Blade Knife
FF1101-CP Salute Mini Plain Edge Folding Knife
FF25-CP Escape Serrated Folding Knife
IM1001-BX QUAKE Assisted Plain Edge Folding Knife
SJ52-CP SlimJim XL Black TiNi Assisted Folding Knife
SS1001-CP SEAL Strike Fixed Blade Knife
SW1011-CP SideSwipe Plain Edge Assisted Folding Knife
TF101 Trident Elite Plain Edge Folding Knife
TF102 Trident Elite TiNi Plain Edge Folding Knife
TFSA98-CP Flash II Black TiNi Serrated Folding Knife
TG1001-BX Targa Plain Edge Tanto Folding Knife
TG1002-BX Targa Plain Edge Folding Knife
ZM1018-BX Zoom Plain Edge Assisted Folding Knife

Reality Based Blade Tanto Serrated Auto Folding Knife
Reality Based Blade Recurve Auto Folding Knife
KAL Mini Black Tanto Plain Edge Auto Folding Knife
KAL Mini Black Tanto Serrated Auto Folding Knife
KAL Mini Auto Plain Edge Folding Knife
KALS74 Kalashnikov Plain Edge Auto Folding Knife

DPx Gear
HEFT 4 Assault Plain Edge Knife
HEFT 6 Razorback Assault Stonewashed Plain Edge Knife
HEST/F Triple Black Plain Edge Folding Knife
HEST/F Triple Black Serrated Edge Folding Knife
HEST Original Plain Edge Knife
HEST Original Serrated Edge Knife
HEAT/F OD Plain Edge Folding Knife
HEAT/F Triple Black Plain Edge Folding Knife
HEAT/F Grey Niolox Plain Edge Folding Knife

Adept Plain Edge Fixed Blade Tactical Knife
Sentence Plain Edge Fixed Blade Tactical Knife
Sentence Plain Edge Fixed Blade Tanto Tactical Knife
Censor Serrated Fixed Blade Knife
Chieftain Plain Edge Micarta Fixed Blade Tactical Knife
Onrush Serrated Tactical Folding Knife


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