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CopsPlus Site Map: Tactical Vests

Uncle Mikes
Tactical Multi Purpose Entry Vest
Tactical Modular Entry Vest
Tactical Zip Vest
Tactical Plate Carrier Vest with Cummerbund
Organization Patches

Lightning Powder
Complete Crime Scene Vest

DCP-2000 IMPERIAL EVA Upper body and Shoulder Protector
DFX2 IMPERIAL Elite Upper Body Protection System
FX1 FlexForce Modular Hard Shell Crowd Control System

Cutaway Omega Vest
DOAV System Tactical Vest
Omega Elite Tactical Vest #1
Omega Elite Tactical Vest EOD
Omega Elite Vest Cross Draw/Pistol Mag
Omega Elite Phalanx HSD Vest
Tactical Float Vest II
SF Enhanced Soldier Load Bearing Military Vest
Low Vis Plate Carrier
STRIKE Cutaway Carrier Slick
STRIKE Carrier
Urban Assault Tactical Vest
Special Operations H-Gear Shoulder Harness
STRIKE Commando Recon Chest Harness
S.T.R.I.K.E. Plate Carrier Harness
STRIKE Gen-4 Omega MOLLE Vest
STRIKE Omega Vest
S.T.R.I.K.E. Commando Recon Plate Carrier
STRIKE - Elite Vest
STRIKE Enhanced Commando Recon Harness
Lightweight Commando Recon Back Panel
Lightweight Plate Carrier Harness
Lightweight Commando Recon Chest Harness
S.T.R.I.K.E. Speed Clips (Package of 6)
Commando Chest Harness
Chest Pouches .223
Modular Low Profile Chest Rig
SOS M16 Mag Chest Pouch
Desert Tan American Flag Patch with Hook and Loop (2" X 3")
American Flag Patch with Hook and Loop (2" X 3")
Subdued American Flag Patch with Hook and Loop (2 x 3)

511 Tactical
TacTec Chest Rig
TacTec Plate Carrier (56100)
Taclite Plate Carrier (56166)
VTAC LBE Vest (58631)
Law Enforcement TACTICAL VEST (80001)
TacLite Pro Vest (80008)

Armor Express
Halo Ballistic System Level 2 Body Armor with Evolution Carrier
Halo Ballistic System Level 3A Body Armor with Evolution Carrier

GH Armor Systems
GH Armor Systems Concealable Carrier
QOC Quilted Outer Carrier
TOC Tactical Outer Custom Carrier
TACRESP Tactical Response Carrier
USC Uniform Shirt Carrier
GH LITE Level 2 Concealable Body Armor
GH PRO Level 2 Concealable Body Armor
GH PRO Level 3A Concealable Body Armor

Blood Type Morale Patch
AR15 2A Morale Patch
Bacon Morale Patch
BAMF Morale Patch
Berlin Bear Morale Patch
Beer Mug Morale Patch
No Known Allergies (NKA) Morale Patch
Bushido Morale Patch
2A Morale Patch
Biohazard Skull Morale Patch
Caduceus Morale Patch
California Flag Morale Patch
Concealed Carrie Morale Patch
Cold Dead Hands Morale Patch
Lucky Shot Clover Morale Patch
Canada Morale Flag
DILLIGAF Arid Morale Patch
Dog Track 1" Morale Patch
Do Not Press Morale Patch
Fire Dragon Morale Patch
Don't Tread On Me Morale Patch
Devil Dog Morale Patch
American Eagle Morale Patch
Eagle Head Morale Patch
Disregard Morale Patch
Mudflap Girl Morale Patch
Maxpedition Full Logo Morale Patch
Frogman Morale Patch
FUBAR Morale Patch
Game Over Morale Patch
Googly Eyes Morale Patch (Pack of 2)
German Shephard Patch
Happy Face Morale Patch
Hi Relief Skull Morale Patch
Hex Logo Morale Patch
Infidel Morale Patch
Italy Flag Morale Patch
It Happens Morale Patch
Iwo Jima Morale Patch
Jester Skull Morale Patch
Jolly Roger Morale Patch
Celtic Cross Morale Patch
Killer Whale Morale Patch
Kokopelli Morale Patch
Lady Liberty Morale Patch
Letter Morale Patch
Live Free Or Die Morale Patch
Look Skull Morale Patch
Ben Franklin Mack Morale Patch
Hi Relief Skull Micro Morale Patch
Medic Gladii Morale Patch
Small Medic Morale Patch
Mise En Place Moral Patch
Major League Shooter Morale Patch
Molon Labe Morale Patch
'Murica Morale Patch
Night Vision Glow Morale Patch
Number Morale Patch
Olde School Tacticool Morale Patch
Owl Morale Patch
Police Morale Patch
Promote Tolerance Morale Patch
Pole Dancer Morale Patch
Reaper Morale Patch
Real Patriots Morale Patch
Right To Bear Arms 1911 Barrel Bushing Morale Patch
Soldier Girl Morale Patch
Shiva Morale Patch
It Just Got Real Morale Patch
It Magnet Morale Patch
Shoot The It Morale Patch
Shoot The It Morale Patch
Skull Morale Patch
Soldier Skull Morale Patch
Samurai Morale Patch
SNAFU Morale Patch
Stars and Stripes Spartan Helmet Morale Patch
Spit Roast Morale Patch
Stand and Fight 2nd Amendment Morale Patch
STFU Morale Patch
Star Spangled Banner Morale Patch
Stars and Stripes Skull Morale Patch
SWAT Identification Morale Patch
Texas Flag Morale Patch
UK Flag Morale Patch
Small Reverse USA Flag Morale Patch
Large Reverse USA Flag Morale Patch
1776 US Flag Morale Patch
Small USA Flag Morale Patch
Large USA Flag Morale Patch
*USA* Morale Patch
USA Flag Micro Moral Patch
USA Shield Micro Morale Patch
Veteran Morale Patch
Viking Skull Morale Patch
WTF Morale Patch

DUV-5S Universal Vest
24-7 Series Tactical Vest

Voodoo Tactical
Law Enforcement Patches
Vanguard VestPack
Mobile MOLLE Chest Rig
Instructor High Visibility Plate Carrier
Instructor Armor Carrier Vest
Lightweight Tactical Plate Carrier
"Hayden" Plate Carrier
12 Mag Chest Rig
X-Light Gen II Plate Carrier
Deluxe Universal Vest
F.A.S.T. Vest with new Universal Lattice Molle
MSP-06 Entry Assault Vest
Armor Carrier Vest - Maximum Protection
Chest Rig
Police and Sheriff Vest
Rapid Assault Tactical (RAT) MOLLE Plate Carrier Vest
Plate Carrier Vest - ICE
High Mobility Plate Carrier - ICE
ICE VAAT Plate Carrier Vest with Lattice Weave
Heavy Armor Carrier
O.T.A. Vest
Tactical Chest Rig

High Speed Gear
HSG MPC Modular Plate Carrier Bravo
HSG Light Chest Rig Platform
HSG SPC Slick Lightweight Plate Carrier
HSG MPC Modular Plate Carrier
AO Chest Rig
HSG SPC Slick Plate Carrier Bravo

5ive Star Gear
Blood Type Patch
LW1 Tactical Plate Carrier
Bodyguard Plate Carrier
CDV-5S Cross Draw Vest
Public Safety PVC Patch
M.O.L.L.E Compatible Rack Vest
PVC Morale Patch - Texas Flag
PVC Morale Patch - Yellow Don't Tread
PVC Morale Patch - Zombie Apocalypse
PVC Morale Patch - Zombie Outbreak
PVC Morale Patch - Tactical RR Girl with Gun
PVC Morale Patch - Bohica
PVC Morale Patch - Double Tap
PVC Morale Patch - Fireball
PVC Morale Patch - FUBAR
PVC Morale Patch - Guns and Bacon
PVC Morale Patch - Infidel
PVC Morale Patch - MOLON
PVC Morale Patch - Police
PVC Morale Patch - Red Cross
PVC Morale Patch - Security
PVC Morale Patch - SNAFU
PVC Morale Patch - Patriotic Punisher
PVC Morale Patch - Punisher Kitty
PVC Morale Patch - Vintage Flag Punisher
PVC Morale Patch - Vintage Flag Punisher Kitty
PVC Morale Patch - Glow Smile
PVC Morale Patch - Glow Don't Run Ghost
PVC Morale Patch - Glow Punisher Diamond
PVC Morale Patch - Heard The Shot
PVC Morale Patch - Terrorist Baptism
PVC Morale Patch - Tried by 12
PVC Morale Patch - Tru-Spec
PVC Morale Patch - Duct Tape
PVC Morale Patch - Keep Calm and Carry On
PVC Morale Patch - If I Tell You
PVC Morale Patch - KILROY
PVC Morale Patch - Huckleberry
PVC Morale Patch - Punisher Enemies
PVC Morale Patch - 1 Asterisk
PVC Morale Patch - US Flag
PVC Morale Patch - Grey US Flag with Blue Stripe
PVC Morale Patch - Black US Flag with Blue Stripe
PVC Morale Patch - Black US Flag with Red Stripe
PVC Morale Patch - Don't Run - Ghost
PVC Morale Patch - Better Weapons
PVC Morale Patch - Guns and Coffee
PVC Morale Patch -
PVC Morale Patch - Jolly Roger
PVC Morale Patch - Sniper
PVC Morale Patch - MLD
PVC Morale Patch - Don't Tread On Me
PVC Morale Patch - MOLON LABE
PVC Morale Patch - Texas Flag Punisher
PVC Morale Patch - Subdued Multi US Flag

Duty Holsters
Tactical Holsters
Belt Holsters
Pancake Holsters
Paddle Holsters
Inside-the-Pant Holsters
Shoulder Holsters
Fanny Packs & Purses
Ankle Holsters
Holster Accessories

Duty Belts
Garrison Belts
Dress & Sport Belts
Belt Keepers

Duty Gear
Baton Holders
Chemical Spray Carriers
Flashlight Holders
Glove Pouches
Handcuff Cases
Key Holders
Magazine Pouches
Radio & Pager Holders
Radio Accessories
Police K9 Gear
Badge Wallets

Police Badges
Star Badges
Badges with Eagles
Badges without Eagles
Oval Badges
Fire Badges
Canadian Badges
Badge Charms

Leg & Waist Chains
Handcuff Keys

Standard Flashlights
Rechargeable Flashlights
Weapon Lights
Pen & Micro Lights
Batteries & Accessories

Police Batons
Expandable Batons
Fixed Length Batons
Training Batons

Radios and Accessories
Radio Headsets

Mens Boots & Shoes
Womens Boots & Shoes

Apparel and Uniforms
Body Armor
Pants and Shorts
Under Gear
Jackets and Outerwear
Protective Gloves
Watches and Jewelry

Pepper Spray
Police Duty Spray
Personal Pepper Spray
Inert Training Spray

Automatic Knives
Folding Knives
Fixed Blade Knives
Training Knives

Equipment Bags
Police Equipment Bags
Backpacks & Hydration
Long Gun Carry Bags
Pistol Cases

Metal Detectors
Handheld Detectors
Walkthrough Detectors

Tactical Holsters
Tactical Belts
Tactical Pouches
Tactical Vests
Tactical Accessories
Tactical Lights
Tactical Gloves
Tactical Knives
Tactical Bags & Packs
Tactical Entry Tools

Gun Accessories
Gun Ammo
Gun Slings
Gun Cleaning
Gun Locks & Safes
Gun Grips & Accessories

Night Vision Optics
Spotting & Gun Scopes

Vehicle Equipment
Clipboards & Organizers

Training and Safety
Training Supplies
Airsoft Guns & Accessories
Safety Glasses & Goggles
Hearing Protection
Gas Masks
Traffic Safety

Evidence Gathering
Drug Identification

Fire and Rescue
Firefighter Turnout Gear
Fire and Rescue Lights
Rescue Tools
EMT Gear

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