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CopsPlus Site Map: Tactical Accessories

T6510 Cobra Tactical Modular Accessory Panel

BATTL Sling for Tactical Rifles and Shotgun
BATTL Sling Rail Accessory
M11X Matrix Double Magazine Case

Deluxe Mine Probe Kit
Basic Mine Probe Kit
Bear Gryll's Survival Ultimate Kit
Bear Grylls Canteen

Centurion Elbow Pads - EP300
Centurion Knee Pads - KP250

Drop Flex Adaptor - Model 6004-DFA
Tactical Leg Shroud - Model 6004-10
Holster Locking Fork - Model MLS 15
Accessory Locking Fork - Model MLS 16
Receiver Plate - Model MLS 17
Receiver Plate with Guard - Model MLS 18
Duty Holster Locking Fork - Model QLS 19
Duty Receiver Plate - Model QLS 22
MLS Accessory Fork on Small MOLLE Plate - Model 6004-24
6004 Tactical Gear System Shroud
Tactical Leg Shroud - Model 6005-1
6005-6 Leg Shroud with Quick Release Buckle
Single Strap Leg Shroud With D-Ring
D-Ring Strap with Enhanced Hook & Loop - Black
Spacer Kit with 6281HDA 2" Drop Adapter - Model HDA-KIT
Quick Locking System Kit - Model QLS KIT 1
Quick Locking System Kit - Model QLS KIT 2
Quick Locking System Kit - Model QLS KIT 3

20Q Elite Cooler
30QT Elite Cooler
50QT Elite Cooler
70QT Elite Cooler
80QT Elite Cooler
95QT Elite Cooler

Gun Rail Mount for Strion, Super Tac and TL Series Flashlights
44050 Quick-Release Shoulder Strap

Uncle Mikes
Tactical Modular Drop Leg Platform

Expandable Baton Slide Sidebreak Scabbard
Tactical Mirror


NP Reflective Name Plate

Modular Drop Leg Platform
Removable Side Plate Carriers
Helmet Cover
Heavyweight Bibbed Balaclava with Nomex
Lightweight Balaclava with Nomex
Compact STRIKE Drop Leg Platform
S.T.R.I.K.E. Drop Leg MOLLE Gear Platform
S.T.R.I.K.E. Speed Clips (Package of 6)
SERPA Platform Ambidextrous
SERPA Quick Disconnect Kit (2 Female/1 Male)
SERPA Quick Disconnect Male
SERPA Quick Disconnect Female
Omega Drop Leg Extender With 2" Quick Release
SWIFT Tactical Gun Sling
Universal Single Point Sling Adapter
Bi-Pod Adjustable
Stealth Weapons Catch
Sportster Muzzle Retainer
Sportster Weapon Retainer
HellStorm Black Neoprene Elbow Pads
Cheek Pad for Rifles
HawkTex Tactical Cheek Pad
AR15 Cheek Pad
BlackHawk CIA Lanyard Black
Tactical Pistol Lanyard

Premier Crown
900 TacElite EPR Riot Duty Helmet with Converter Band
906 TacElite EPR Riot Duty Helmet
CB2 Carry Bag for FXR2000 Riot Duty Helmet
FXR2000LT Series Full Coverage Riot Duty Helmet
ILK1 Riot Duty Helmet Liner Kit
JCR100 TacElite TCM Riot Duty Helmet

Tactical Monthly Subscription Box

511 Tactical
Small Covert Insert (56280)
VTAC Thigh Rig
Knee Pads (59008191 SZ)

Stallion Leather
American Warrior Nylon Drop Leg Extender

Tactical XT Military Goggles
Innerzone 1 Goggles
Innerzone 2 Goggles
Innerzone 3 Goggles

Command Arms
ACP Adjustable Cheek Rest for CBS Collapsible AR-15 Stocks
CBS 6 Position Collapsible Stock (AR15, M16, M4)

3" TacTie Attachment Strap (Pack of 4)
5" TacTie Attachment Strap (Pack of 4)
TacTie PJC3 Polymer Joining Clips (Pack of 6)
TacTie PJC5 Polymer Joining Clips (Pack of 6)

Intrafuse AR Handguard
AK Folding Stock
Intrafuse SKS Blade Bayonet Cut Rifle System
AK T6 Collapsible Stock
Intrafuse AK Handguard
Intrafuse SKS Spike Bayonet Cut Rifle System
AR15 T6 Collapsible Stock
Intrafuse Vertical Grip
Intrafuse AK Quad Rail Handguard
Intrafuse Mini-14/30 Rifle System
Intrafuse SKS Rifle System with Rail
Intrafuse Saiga Handguard
AR15 SAW Style Pistol Grip
Intrafuse Short Vertical Grip
AK Original Style Buttstock
AK SAW Style Pistol Grip
Intrafuse 10/22 Rifle System
Intrafuse SKS Rifle System
AR15/M16 Belt Pouch Cleaning Kit
Sling System
T6/M4 Rubber Buttpad
AR15/M16/A2 5-Piece Colored Front Sight Set
Intrafuse Vertical Grip Bipod
AR15/M16 Cleaning Stars (20 PACK)
AR15/M16 Gas Tube Mops (20 PACK)
AR15/M16 Buttstock Pouch Cleaning Kit
AR15/M16 Carry Handle Mount
AR15/M16 Riser Mount
TAPCO SKS Scope Shield
AK T6 Collapsible Stock for Milled Receiver
AR15 T6 Stock Body
Sling Nut
AK/SKS Front Sight Tool and Colored Front Sight Set
AK Galil Style Handguard
Intrafuse Saiga T6 Stock Set
Intrafuse10/22 Tactical Trainer

Less Lethal Orange OverMolded Stock
Less Lethal Orange OverMolded Shotgun Stock with Forend
Government Model 1911 Rubber Grip with Finger Grooves
Sig Sauer P Series Rubber Grip with Finger Grooves
Tamer Shotgun Pistol Grip and Forend
Sig Sauer P226 P228 P229 Rubber Grip Panels
OverMolded Nylon Sling
Remington 870 OverMolded Shotgun Stock Kit with Forend
Browning Hi-Power Rubber Grip with Finger Grooves
Smith & Wesson K or L Square Butt Rubber Monogrip
AR-15/M-16 Rubber Grip with Finger Grooves
AR-15 Free Float Forend with OverMolded Rubber Grip
Handall Full Size Grip Sleeve
Handall Jr. Small Size Grip Sleeve
Smith & Wesson 5900 Series Rubber Grip Panels
Officers Model Rubber Grip with Finger Grooves
Smith & Wesson J Frame Round Butt Rubber Monogrip
S&W J Frame Round Butt Rubber Bantam Style Grip
Hogue 78200 Ruger Mini 14/30 Rifle Stock
Ruger SP101 Rubber Monogrip
Ruger Security Six Rubber Monogrip
Beretta 92/96 Series Grip with Finger Grooves
Beretta 92/96 Series Rubber Grip Panels

24-7 Series Epaulet/Badge Tab Kit
50/ 50 Nyco Kevlar PASGT Helmet Cover
50/ 50 Nyco Mich Helmet Cover

Wiley X
XL-1 Tactical Changeable Sunglasses - Smoke/Clear Lens
Airrage Tactical Climate Control Sunglasses
SG-1 Tactical Goggle
SG-1 V-CUT Tactical Goggle
Brick Tactical Climate Control Sunglasses
Talon Tactical Changeable Smoke/Clear Lens Sunglasses
PT-1 Tactical Changeable Sunglasses
Nerve Tactical Goggle

C23 M.O.L.L.E. Thigh Mount

Voodoo Tactical
Mil-Spec 3-Season Sleeping Bag
Mil-Spec 5 Gallon Solar Shower
Mil-Spec Deluxe Self Inflating Air Mat
Mil-Spec Pop Up Tent (2 Persons)
Pack Adapt Straps
Mil-Spec Camper's Mess Kit
Tactical Drop Leg Rig
Mil-Spec Great Northern Camp Stove
Mil-Spec Great Northern Compact Camp Stove
One Person Flatware Set
Mesh Drop Leg Platform
Swank's Hydration Compatible Lightweight Sniper Tog
Flat Shooters Bean Bag
2 Piece Hard Bottom Rifle Guides
Blood Type Tags

RC05 Rechargeable 300 Lumens LED Flashlight

Echo Tactical
Thin Blue Line 550 Paracord Survival Bracelet
Revolver Fidget Spinner

High Speed Gear
HSGI Padded Leg Panel
HSGI Magazine Leg Rig V1
HSGI Rifle Magazine Leg Rig
HSGI Double Decker Magazine Leg Rig
Adjustable Side Plate Pouch
Bungee Replacement Kit
Bridge Mounting Platform V2
Pistol Ramp V2
Rifle Ramp V2
Modular Padded Shoulder Harness

1080p Prima Facie 32 GB Body Camera

5ive Star Gear
GI Spec Washcloth
Quick-Release Buckle
NATO Style Fuel Jerry Can
50' Para-Lite Paracord/Tinder
22" X 42" GI Spec Towel
Insert Nylon Cord Zipper Pulls (5 Pack)
Camouflage Ghillie Suit
Skull Ranger Beads (Pack of 50)
Ranger Skull Bead Klick Counter
Survival Spoon
Duct Tape (60 Yards)
Can Opener
Military Hook-On Blouser
Covert Zipper Pull
GI Dog Tag Chain
GI Stainless Dog Tag
GI Spec Nylon Mosquito Bar
Ranger Pace Counter
7.62 / .308 Bullet Bottle Opener Keychain
.50 Cal BMG Bottle Opener
12-Gauge Magnets (Set of 5)
1 Quart Canteen
Stainless Steel Spork
Folding Stove with Fuel
MRE (Meals-Ready-To-Eat) - Case of 12
Weather Cover Rain Fly Shelter
GI Sleeping Pad
7-Strand 550 Paracord - 300 Feet
7-Strand 550 Paracord - 50 Feet
7-Strand 550 Paracord - 1000 Feet
7-Strand 550 Paracord - 100 Feet
200LB. Kevlar Survival Cord Spool - 60'
200LB. Kevlar Survival Cord - 20'
450LB. Technora Survival Cord - 50'
950LB. Technora Survival Cord - 40'
GI Spec 3-Fold Shovel Cover
GI Tritium Compass
GI Lensatic Compass
Sportsman's Survival Compass
GI Spec Lensatic Military Marching Compass
Weatherproof Notebook
Spy Paper
Biodegradable Toilet Tissue
Silica Gel Desicant (24 Pack)
Travel Sewing Kit
3-Color Compact Camo
5-Color Compact Camo
Special Forces Medical Manual
Survival Manual
Map Reading & Land Navigation Manual
Duct Tape (10 Yard)
NATO Style Gas Can Nozzle
GI Spec Aluminum Cot
Heavy Duty Aluminum Field Cot
Mil-Spec Steel Cot
Mini Gear Hammock
Camping Hammock Kit

Eleven 10
RIGID TQ Case for C-A-T Gen 7
Large TekLok with Hardware
Drop-Leg Shroud Mounting Hardware
RIGID TQ Case Replacement Hardware
Paddle Clip with Hardware

Alien Gear Holsters
Shape Shift Expansion MOLLE


Duty Holsters
Tactical Holsters
Belt Holsters
Pancake Holsters
Paddle Holsters
Inside-the-Pant Holsters
Shoulder Holsters
Fanny Packs & Purses
Ankle Holsters
Holster Accessories

Duty Belts
Garrison Belts
Dress & Sport Belts
Belt Keepers

Duty Gear
Baton Holders
Chemical Spray Carriers
Flashlight Holders
Glove Pouches
Handcuff Cases
Key Holders
Magazine Pouches
Radio & Pager Holders
Radio Accessories
Police K9 Gear
Badge Wallets

Police Badges
Star Badges
Badges with Eagles
Badges without Eagles
Oval Badges
Fire Badges
Canadian Badges
Mini Police Badges

Leg & Waist Chains
Handcuff Keys

Standard Flashlights
Rechargeable Flashlights
Weapon Lights
Pen & Micro Lights
Batteries & Accessories

Police Batons
Expandable Batons
Fixed Length Batons
Training Batons

Radios and Accessories
Radio Headsets

Mens Boots & Shoes
Womens Boots & Shoes

Apparel and Uniforms
Body Armor
Pants and Shorts
Under Gear
Jackets and Outerwear
Protective Gloves
Watches and Jewelry
Morale Patches

Pepper Spray
Police Duty Spray
Personal Pepper Spray
Inert Training Spray

Automatic Knives
Folding Knives
Fixed Blade Knives
Tactical Pens
Training Knives

Equipment Bags
Police Equipment Bags
Backpacks & Hydration
Long Gun Carry Bags
Pistol Cases

Metal Detectors
Handheld Detectors
Walkthrough Detectors

Tactical Holsters
Tactical Belts
Tactical Pouches
Tactical Vests
Tactical Accessories
Tactical Lights
Tactical Gloves
Tactical Knives
Tactical Bags & Packs
Tactical Entry Tools

Gun Accessories
Gun Ammo
Gun Slings
Gun Cleaning
Gun Locks & Safes
Gun Grips & Accessories

Night Vision Optics
Spotting & Gun Scopes

Vehicle Equipment
Clipboards & Organizers

Training and Safety
Training Supplies
Safety Glasses & Goggles
Hearing Protection
Gas Masks
Police Riot Gear
Traffic Safety

Evidence Gathering
Drug Identification

Fire and Rescue
Firefighter Turnout Gear
Fire and Rescue Lights
Rescue Tools
EMT Gear

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