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CopsPlus Police Supply - Featured Police Supplies has the widest selection of Police Supplies at the lowest prices. Our selection of gun holsters is huge, so you are certain to find the right 1911 Holster, Glock Holster, Beretta Holster or what ever Gun Holster you need. We serve all branches of law enforcement with Duty Gear products that include Tactical Boots, Knives, Gear Bags, Pepper Spray and everything else to fill your Duty Gear needs. Our selection of Police Supplies is second to none.

cbsub CopsPlus
Tactical Monthly Subscription Box

Boxes Ship on The First of Every Month, You Save Up To 60% This is the monthly subscription box that gets you the latest gear with savings of up to 60%. Every month our experts put together a box that is guaranteed to blow you away. These aren't cheap samples...

SWFRS Smith & Wesson
SWFRS First Response Rescue Combo Edge Knife

Smith and Wesson knives are made with the same high quality materials you've come to expect from S&W over the years. Unmatched in quality construction and design, S&W knives stand out, ahead of the pack. Overall Length: 8.00" Handle Length:...

GAL-MC Galco
Miami Classic Shoulder Holster

Most branches of the military, federal law enforcement, and local police agencies have put Galco holsters to work for them. A key component of the Galco Miami Classic shoulder holster system is its spider harness (fits up to 52" chest). All four points of the...
$166.00 + Free Shipping

NS430L Hatch
NS430L All-Weather Winter Lined Neoprene Shooting Gloves

Designed specifically for handgun use in cold and damp weather, this shooting glove is an essential piece of equipment for all men and women of Law Enforcement. In addition, the Hatch NS430L shooting gloves are fluid proof, preventing bloodborne pathogens from...

5-74273 511 Tactical
Taclite Pro Pants (74273)

Complete long shifts and conduct patrols with confidence while wearing the Tactlite Pro Pants from 5.11 Tactical. Built to meet the needs of law enforcement and tactical professionals, these pants feature a ruggedized construction that can take a beating. Fabricated...

tsp-1060 Tru-Spec
24-7 Series 65/35 Polyester Cotton Teflon Coated Pants

Get through day in comfort and style with a pair of the 24-7 Series 65/35 Polyester Cotton Teflon Coated Pants from Tru-Spec. Featuring a tough all-weather construction, the pants are ideal for everything from tactical missions to longs days at the office, and...

69220 Streamlight
TLR-3 LED Compact Rail Tactical Gun Mount Weaponlight

Never worry about low light conditions affecting mission success while equipped with the TLR-3 LED Compact Rail Tactical Gun Mount Weaponlight from Streamlight. Featuring a powerful C4 LED lamp and a ruggedized construction, the weaponlight is built to take on...

Concealable Belt Holster

Constructed of premium saddle leather, the Galco Concealable Belt Holster offers combat grip accessibility with a deluxe, deep, hand-molded exterior and double stitched seams. The unique two-piece construction of this concealable holster is contoured on the body...

um-7421-1 Uncle Mikes
Reflex Holster

Uncle Mike's Reflex Holster is designed for maximum ease of use in stressful situations where it counts most. The field-proven design has been function-tested in a variety of hostile environmental conditions, including mud, sand, extreme temperature ranges...

BH-44H000BK-R Blackhawk
Level 2 Duty SERPA Holster

The Blackhawk Level 2 Duty SERPA Holster combines security and speed for an excellent all-around performance design. It is made from tough injection-molded carbon fiber, with a full-length body that protects the rear sights from impacts. The SERPA automatic lock...

6280 Safariland
6280 SLS Hooded Level II Duty Holster

An essential peice of police equipment, the Safariland 6280 Holster provides police officers and others who carry handguns in tactical situations the optimum combination of safety and performance. This version of the Safariland SLS System duty holster features...
$143.48 + Free Shipping

350103 Smith & Wesson
Handcuffs, Model 100 (Nickel)

Over the years, the original Model 100 series Smith and Wesson handcuffs have become a standard piece of police equipment for many law enforcement agencies. Smith and Wesson supply the finest profesional quality handcuffs to police worldwide. These Smith and Wesson...

75710 Streamlight
Stinger LED Rechargeable Flashlight

This all purpose flashlight is designed for the broadest range of lighting needs at the best value. Multi-function On/Off push-button switch lets you choose three lighting modes and strobe; designed for extremely long life; tested at 1 million actuations Three...

um-89087 Uncle Mikes
Sentinel Duty Rig Kit

Want a durable and comprehensive rig ensemble without breaking the bank? Uncle Mike's has developed the Sentinel Duty Rig Kit to fit the bill! The all-inclusive rig is constructed from ballistic nylon material and a molded foam frame for a tough and sturdy...
  • Equipping the modern police officer requires awareness of the new threats facing them and the new duty gear available to mitigate those threats. In addition to their long-held community policing duties, officers now face the danger of terrorist attacks and ambush-style assaults by criminals. Ordinary patrol officers as well as tactical units are increasingly in the line of fire. During the June 2016 Pulse Nightclub Shooting, a group of officers without tactical gear were the first to respond to Omar Mateen's rampage, keeping him pinned down until SWAT teams could arrive on the scene. Furthermore, technological advancements have provided police departments with police equipment that simply didn't exist a decade or two ago. In order to effectively protect and serve the public in today's climate, law enforcement professionals require duty gear that is varied and advanced.

  • The modern police officer has access to police equipment unavailable to previous generations. In addition to his badge, gun and handcuffs, an officer may be required to carry a tablet computer, an electronic discharge weapon, possibly even a presumptive drug testing kit. Typically worn on a duty belt, many police departments are investigating the use of tactical vests as an alternative in order to reduce the risk of back injuries from being weighed down by an overloaded duty belt. Versatility is extremely important in order to respond to the wide range of situations that an officer might encounter while on duty, requiring a wide range of law enforcement equipment.

    Specialized law enforcement supply pouches are available for essential law enforcement gear such as radios, handcuffs, batons and spare magazines, and officers often also require more general admin and equipment pouches. These are typically made from increasingly lightweight and durable polymer laminates or ballistic nylon weaves, and often equipped with elastic retention systems or hook-and-loop quick-release flaps for retention. Law enforcement equipment manufacturers like Safariland, Bianchi and Gould & Goodrich produce an extremely wide range of police duty gear to cover all of law enforcement’s needs.

    According to FBI statistics, between 4 and 5 percent of police officers feloniously killed in the United States are killed with their own firearm, either because an assailant was able to take control of it during a struggle or because they snatched it from the holster. The first issue can be mitigated through proper training, and the second resolved through the use of reliable and secure duty holsters. Modern duty holsters are typically rated to at least Level II retention, and often come equipped with automatic retention systems like Blackhawks' SERPA or Safariland's Self-Locking System or Automatic Locking System. Draw speed is also absolutely essential. In a gunfight, being able to draw and fire your weapon quicker than your opponent is a huge tactical advantage, which is why modern duty holster retention systems are designed for quick release. Automatic locking systems can typically be released during a natural draw motion with one finger, providing police holsters with an excellent balance of speed and protection.

    Another important piece of duty gear is ballistic body armor. Advances in materials science and fabrication techniques have allowed the development of more protective concealed body armor. Level 3A concealable armor is now relatively common with designs available from manufacturers like GH Armor Systems and Armor Express, and even Level 4 protection can be achieved by wearing a concealed vest equipped with SAPI plates. As law enforcement professionals face down increasingly well-armed criminals they require higher performance from their protective police gear, which must provide protection against more powerful firearms while also allowing the wearer to move rapidly and fight effectively. Advances in fabric technology have also lead to more breathable linings designed for effective moisture wicking and ventilation, making modern body armor more comfortable to wear as well as more protective. Overheating has been an issue for as long as body armor has existed, but improved linings have helped to mitigate it in modern armor systems.

    Within the last decade, flashlight users have seen an extensive migration from traditional incandescent bulbs to LED technology. The majority of police flashlight models from manufacturers like Streamlight and Surefire are now LED-powered, leading to greatly increased battery life and power efficiency and a decreasing need to replace bulbs, as well as reduced heat output. The potential power output from LED police flashlights has also increased greatly, with the most powerful models now able to rival xenon lights for output. Thanks to their near solid-state construction, LEDs are also typically more durable than incandescent bulbs, allowing them to withstand the shocks and impacts of duty use more easily. Many can be used in multiple power settings as well as a strobe mode, allowing the user to trade off battery life and brightness as needed, as well as giving them a useful way to disorient suspects or signal to your allies. The widespread adoption of lithium ion battery technology has also allowed police flashlights to last for far longer on a single charge, making higher outputs more practical and allowing extremely long continuous runtimes without replacing the batteries. The police flashlight is a critical part of an officer’s duty gear setup.

    Despite the increasing popularity of electronic discharge weapons, pepper spray still deserves a place on every patrol officer's duty belt for non-lethal incapacitation of suspects. Modern stream-style sprays from companies like Sabre, Def-Tec, Fox Labs and Mace now often come loaded with foam or gel formulas. These stick to the target's face, ensuring that attempts to wipe them away only help to work them into the skin for an even greater burning sensation. They also reduce the risk of cross-contamination, making them more suitable for picking out individual targets and ideal for use in confined indoor areas. Fogger pepper sprays and traditional ballistic streams also remain popular for their fast action and, in the case of foggers, their ability to strike multiple targets for effective crowd control or area denial.

    Where most officers are equipped with duty gear, tactical gear is designed for law enforcement units undertaking the most dangerous operations, such as responding to hostage situations and terrorist acts. Police tactical gear therefore needs to go above and beyond in order to protect the officer and maximize their ability to take on the most determined, most heavily-armed criminals. Tactical gear should not be thought of as a set of stand-alone items. Instead, it is designed to integrate with other cop gear as part of a complete tactical loadout in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It also needs to be highly versatile, as tactical officers can encounter a wide range of scenarios.

    The tactical vest is one of the most essential pieces of tactical gear for officers. Vests designed for overt wear are often equipped with MOLLE webbing straps, allowing officers to carry equipment pouches and tactical holsters attached to the upper body, and making it not only a piece of protective equipment but also the foundation of a complete integrated tactical loadout. Because the duty belt is often difficult to access while wearing armor, this function is extremely important for overt vests, allowing officers to continue to access their law enforcement gear in the field. Blackhawk's STRIKE vests and 511 Tactical's TacTec and TacLite vests, for example, include MOLLE webbing across the upper body and shoulders for carrying additional cop stuff. Plate carriers and body armor are typically worn in order to protect the officer from firearms. Some designs, like GH Armor Systems' GH LITE family, use ballistic fibers like Kevlar to protect against enemy fire. They may also be able to accommodate ballistic plates for enhanced protection. Alternatively, a vest can act as a carrier for soft or hard ballistic plates while offering little protection itself. Finally, hard shell vests such as those produced by Damascus are designed to protect against blunt impacts for use in crowd control and other similar applications.

    Tactical gloves have two main purposes: protect the hands, while also allowing enough dexterity and grip to carry out complex and precise tasks. They typically feature articulated or ergonomically curved fingers to allow a full range of motion, and are built specifically with firearm use in mind, as well as precise handling of other law enforcement equipment. The gloves often feature hard armor panels across sensitive areas like the knuckles to protect against impact, along with flexible leather or synthetic palms that provide maximum tactile feedback. Many styles also feature flame-resistant fabrics like Nomex for additional protection in hazardous environments. Today there is a wide array of tactical gloves available from law enforcement supply manufacturers like Hatch, Damascus, Blackhawk and 511

    Another critical piece of tactical gear is the tactical holster. These holsters are intended to integrate into a full loadout of tactical response equipment, and are often used to carry a handgun as a backup to a rifle or shotgun. The use of body armor often prevents tactical officers from carrying belt-mounted duty holsters, while concealment holsters are typically unnecessary on overt operations. The popular leg drop style provides the top clearance necessary to be used alongside bulky tactical vests, unlike more standard belt-mounted police holsters, and also frees up space on the belt for additional tactical gear. These tactical holsters typically attach to the leg using non-slip rubberized straps, and attach to your tactical belt with a vertical strap for additional stability. Companies such as Bianchi, Safariland, Fobus and Blackhawk also manufacture tactical holsters that attach to a tactical vest using either a hook backing or MOLLE webbing-compatible straps, placing the sidearm in an accessible position on the chest.

    Tactical officers require extensive equipment during operations, including typical law enforcement duty gear as well as more specialized options like gas masks and grenades. Tactical pouches provide modular storage for your police gear, and can be distributed across the body for ease of access and a balanced load. Pouches typically attach to MOLLE webbing or loop fields for compatibility with vests, bags, shoulder rigs and leg drop rigs. Alternatively, some feature built-in leg straps, particularly those intended for larger items such as medical kits, while others combine multiple pouches into an all-in-one waistpack or chest harness. Tactical pouches are typically made from durable ballistic nylon or Cordura, and designed for a low profile in order to minimize the amount of room taken up on the vest. Tactical Gear designs like High Speed Gear's TACO pouches use open topped pouches wrapped with shock cord lacing, providing easy access while also ensuring that the contents stays securely inside as the officer moves.

    With the amount of police gear that tactical law enforcement personnel are expected to carry into the field, a well-designed tactical belt is absolutely essential to provide a stable platform. Tactical belts are typically made from nylon for extreme durability and load-bearing strength at a light weight. They range from minimal designs to advanced styles featuring closed-cell foam padding and MOLLE webbing for enhanced comfort and modularity. The fit of the tactical belt is extremely important, as placing heavy loads on an ill-fitting belt can lead to lower back fatigue and injury. In order to mitigate this problem, many tactical officers use webbing-equipped vests, shoulder rigs and leg drop platforms to carry at least some of their equipment.

    With many high-risk operations taking place in low light conditions, lights are essential for tactical personnel. Like other cop gear, tactical flashlights are typically built for extreme durability, with durable aircraft-grade aluminum bodies and shatterproof glass lenses that make them suitable for hostile environments. Some models, such as ATN's Javelin, come equipped with glass breaker bezels for use as an entry tool. Many officers also use dedicated weapon lights or adapters that attach a flashlight to a firearm, providing hands-free visibility that allows them to keep both hands on their firearm.

    No SWAT team member would be found on duty without a good tactical knife. Tactical knives are typically designed for versatility, with many designs capable of handling utility tasks as well as self-defense applications when required. Locking folders are the most typical style, but fixed blade and automatic tactical knives are also relatively common pieces of cop gear. Many are equipped with additional tools such as wire cutters and glass breaker tips, providing additional utility. Tactical law enforcement teams are often called upon to gain entry to buildings or vehicles. A successful operation may depend upon rapid access to a locked door or window. Entry tools range from those intended for stealthy use, like pries and electric pick guns, to overt tools such as sledgehammers and battering rams. Today's law enforcement professional can choose from a wide range of tactical knives and tactical entry tools from law enforcement gear manufacturers like 511, Blackhawk, Kershaw, Spyderco, SOG and more.


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