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CopsPlus Site Map: Tactical Pouches

AccuMold 7300 Case for ASP Tactical Handcuffs
Cobra Tactical T6521 Double AR15 Pouch
AccuMold 7300 OD (Olive Drab) Covered Military Handcuff Case
AccuMold 7314S OD (Olive Drab) Universal Swivel Radio Holster
M1025 Military Double Magazine Pouch
M1030 Military Quad Magazine Pouch

6004 Tactical System Handcuff Pouch (No Belt Loop)
6004 Tactical Expandable Baton Holster (No Belt Loop)
6004 Tactical System OC Spray Pouch (No Belt Loop)
6004 Tactical Distraction Device Holder (No Belt Loop)
6004 Tactical Single Magazine Pouch (No Belt Loop)
6004 Tactical Double Magazine Pouch (No Belt Loop)

Holster for Tactical Weapon Lights

Uncle Mikes
Kydex Clip-on Single Magazine Case
Clip-On Tactical Light Holder
Open Style Butt Stock Shell Holder
Neoprene Butt Stock Shell Holder
Butt Stock Shell Holders With Flap
Sentinel Duty Rig Kit
Tactical Single 20-round M4/M16 Magazine Pouch
Tactical Single Pistol Magazine Pouch
Tactical Double Pistol Magazine Pouch
Tactical Small GP/Utility Pouch
Tactical Single Flashbang Pouch
Tactical Standard Radio or GPS Pouch
Gas Mask Pouch
Tactical Double 30-round M4/M16 Magazine Pouch
Tactical Triple M4/M16 Magazine Pouch
Tactical Double 40MM or 37MM Grenade Ammo Pouch
Tactical Personal Medical Pouch
Tactical Double Handcuff Case
Tactical Modular Drop Leg Platform

Paddle Style Tactical Light Carrier

Tactical Nylon Handcuff Case for Chain or Hinged Cuffs
Centurion Envelope Bag
Centurion View Bag
Centurion Duty Bag
Centurion PAK Bag
Centurion Addendum Bag

M4/M16 Double Mag Pouch (Holds 4) - MOLLE
Pop-Up Tourniquet Pouch
Quick Release Medical Pouch
Roll-up MOLLE Dump Pouch
Compact Medical Pouch
Smoke Grenade Single Pouch
S.T.R.I.K.E. Drop Leg MOLLE Gear Platform
S.T.R.I.K.E. Flashbang Pouch
Fire/EMS Mini Medical Pouch
Patrol Radio Chest Harness
Night-Ops Flashlight Pouch
S.T.R.I.K.E. Single Pistol Mag Pouch TalonFlex
S.T.R.I.K.E. Double Pistol Mag Pouch TalonFlex
S.T.R.I.K.E. Single Frag Grenade Pouch
S.T.R.I.K.E. Smoke Grenade Single Pouch
S.T.R.I.K.E. Medical Pouch
S.T.R.I.K.E. M60 Ammo Pouch
S.T.R.I.K.E. SAW Pouch
S.T.R.I.K.E. Shotgun 12rnd Ammo Pouch
S.T.R.I.K.E. Small Radio/GPS Pouch
S.T.R.I.K.E. Compass/Strobe Pouch
S.T.R.I.K.E. Shotgun 18rnd Vertical Pouch
S.T.R.I.K.E. MOLLE Flashbang Pouch
S.T.R.I.K.E. Double Handcuff Pouch
S.T.R.I.K.E. Double G36/Triple M16 Pouch
S.T.R.I.K.E. Double M14 Pouch w/Divider
S.T.R.I.K.E. SAW Pouch
S.T.R.I.K.E. Upright GP Pouch
Large Utility Pouch with Zipper
Tactical Mag Pouch
Cordura Nylon Axon Flip Open Pouch
Buttstock Mag Pouch with Adjustable Lid
Buttstock Shell Pouch (Holds 5)
M4 Collapsible Buttstock Mag Pouch
Cross Draw Open Top Baton Pouch
Duty Triple Pistol Mag Pouch with TalonFlex
Commando Chest Harness
Rifle Bandoleer
M16 Mag Pouch - Omega Line (Holds 2)
2 Pocket Enhanced Omega M-16 Magazine Hip Pouch
Omega M-16 / Pistol Magazine Pouch (Holds 2 Each)
Omega Elite Dump Pouch
Omega Elite Gas Mask Pouch
Ultralight Omega Gas Mask Pouch
Omega Elite M-16/Flash Bang Pouch
Omega Drop Leg Medical Pouch
Omega Elite 3 Pocket SMG Magazine Hip Pouch
Omega Triple Pistol Mag/Double Cuff Pouch
Field Medical Services Bag
STOMP Medical Pack Accessory Pouch with Pockets
Under the Radar iPad Security Pouch
Under the Radar Passport Security Pouch
Side Hydration Pouch
CQD Weapon Catch
Sportster Large Accessory Pouch
Small Sportster Barrel Bag
Sportster Small Optics Pouch
Sportster Large Optics Pouch
Sportster Wrench Pouch
Buttstock Rifle Ammo Cheek Pad (Holds 5 Rounds)
IVS Rifle Ammo Cheek Pad (Holds 5 Rounds)

511 Tactical
VTAC C5 Large Phone-PDA Case (56030)
VTAC Flash Bang Pouch (56031)
3x6 Med Kit (56096)
Ignitor Med Pouch (56270)
Ignitor 6.5 Pouch (56271)
UCR IFAK Pouch (56300)
UCR Thigh Rig Pouch (56301)
Select Carry Pistol Pouch (58604)
VTAC Large Drop Pouch (58703)
VTAC 6.6 Utility Pouch (58713)
VTAC 6.6 Padded Utility Pouch (58714)
VTAC 6.6 Medical Pouch (58715)
VTAC 10.6 Horizontal General Purpose Pouch (58716)
VTAC 10.6 Vertical General Purpose Pouch (58717)
VTAC Radio Pouch (58718)
VTAC GPS-Strobe Pouch (58719)
VTAC Cuff Case (58721)
VTAC H2O Pouch (58722)

Stallion Leather
M3, M4 Tactical Gun Light Holder

Individual First Aid Pouch
Tactical Toiletry Bag
Tactical Can Case
AFTERMATH Compact Toiletries Bag
Barnacle Pouch - Black
AUP Accordion Utility Pouch
CAP Compact Admin Pouch
DEP Daily Essentials Pouch
ERZ Everyday Organizer Pouch
FRP First Response Pouch
FTV Folding Travel Valet
LTB Lightweight Toiletry Bag
Hook & Loop Mini Tablet Holder
Hook & Loop Tablet Holder
TC-1 Pouch
TC-2 Pouch
TC-5 Pouch
TC-10 Pouch
TC-11 Pouch
TC-12 Pouch
SHOEBOID Footwear Bag

Single Tourniquet Pouch Basketweave, Hidden Snap
Single Tourniquet Pouch

AA Mini Light Holder
Double Staggered Mag Pouch
M.O.L.L.E. compatible M-16 2-Mag Pouch
M.O.L.L.E. compatible 1qt Canteen/Utility Pouch
Tru-Spec M.O.L.L.E. compatible 9MM 3-Mag Pouch
MK- IV Mace Holder
Glove Pouch
Single Handcuff Case
Double Handcuff Case
Universal Radio Holder

Voodoo Tactical
Utility Pouch
MOLLE Admin Pouch
First Aid Ankle Wallet
Universal Compatible BDU Wallet
Compact BDU Wallet
Enlarged BDU Wallet
Tactical Binocular Case
Name Card Pouch
Gas Mask Pouch
Pistol Single Magazine Pouch
Dump Pouch
Electronic Gadget Pouch
Deluxe Drop Leg Gas Mask Carrier
M16 Flash Bang Pouch - Single
M16 Flash Bang Pouch - Double
M18 Smoke Grenade Pouch - Single

High Speed Gear
MOLLE Handcuff TACO Pouch
Double Decker TACO MOLLE Magazine Pouch
Extended Pistol TACO Magazine Pouch
HCM TACO Injection Molded Pouch
Pistol TACO MOLLE Magazine Pouch
HSG Double Pistol TACO MOLLE Magazine Pouch
HSG Triple Pistol TACO MOLLE Magazine Pouch
Radio Pop-Up TACO MOLLE Pouch
TACO MOLLE Magazine Pouch
Canteen 2QT Pouch
Mag-Net Dump Pouch
M3T - Multi-Mission Medical Taco Pouch
Mini EOD Pouch
Pogey GP Pouch
HSG Belt Mounted Soft TACO Pouch
Belt Mounted Double Decker TACO Magazine Pouch
HSG Belt Mounted Mag-Net Dump Pouch
Belt Mounted Extended Pistol TACO Pouch
Single 40MM TACO Belt Mount Pouch
Double 40MM TACO Belt Mount Pouch
HSG Belt Mounted Pogey Pouch
HSG Triple Pistol TACO Belt Mount Magazine Pouches
Radio Pop-Up TACO Belt Mount Pouch
Sniper Waist Pack
Belt Mounted TACO Magazine Pouch
X2R TACO Covered Magazine Pouch
Double Decker TACO Covered Magazine Pouch
Pistol TACO Covered Magazine Pouch
TACO Covered Magazine Pouch
Belt Mounted Double Decker TACO LT Magazine Pouch
Rifle TACO LT Belt Mount Magazine Pouch

5ive Star Gear
2" x 3" Signal Mirror Pouch
UTP-5S Utility Pouch
WSD-5S Tactical Drop Down Rig
DLG-5S Drop Leg Gas Mask Pouch
1 qt GI Spec Canteen Cover
Media Pouch
DP-5S Dump Pouch
10" x 4" Cleaning Kit Pouch
3" x 5" Signal Mirror Pouch
Bottle Holder Pouch
GI Spec Canteen Cover
RDP-5S Rollable Dump Pouch
GI Spec Flight Kit Bags
M.O.L.L.E. Compatible Round Saw Pouch
M.O.L.L.E. compatible M-4 2-Mag Pouch
M.O.L.L.E. Compatible 9MM 2-Mag Pouch
M.O.L.L.E. Compatible Medic Pocket
M.O.L.L.E. Compatible Universal Radio Holder

Eleven 10
Tourniquet / Self-Aid Pouch
Half Zip Med/GP Pouch
PTAKs Med Pouch, Belt and MOLLE
CAB Med Pouch, Belt and MOLLE
SABA Pouch
MBOK Pouch
RIGID TQ Case for C-A-T Gen 7 - Black
6x6 Zippered Med Pouch
4x6 Zippered Med Pouch
4x12 Zippered Med Pouch


Duty Holsters
Tactical Holsters
Belt Holsters
Pancake Holsters
Paddle Holsters
Inside-the-Pant Holsters
Shoulder Holsters
Fanny Packs & Purses
Ankle Holsters
Holster Accessories

Duty Belts
Garrison Belts
Dress & Sport Belts
Belt Keepers

Duty Gear
Baton Holders
Chemical Spray Carriers
Flashlight Holders
Glove Pouches
Handcuff Cases
Key Holders
Magazine Pouches
Radio & Pager Holders
Radio Accessories
Police K9 Gear
Badge Wallets

Police Badges
Star Badges
Badges with Eagles
Badges without Eagles
Oval Badges
Fire Badges
Canadian Badges
Mini Police Badges

Leg & Waist Chains
Handcuff Keys

Standard Flashlights
Rechargeable Flashlights
Weapon Lights
Pen & Micro Lights
Batteries & Accessories

Police Batons
Expandable Batons
Fixed Length Batons
Training Batons

Radios and Accessories
Radio Headsets

Mens Boots & Shoes
Womens Boots & Shoes

Apparel and Uniforms
Body Armor
Pants and Shorts
Under Gear
Jackets and Outerwear
Protective Gloves
Watches and Jewelry
Morale Patches

Pepper Spray
Police Duty Spray
Personal Pepper Spray
Inert Training Spray

Automatic Knives
Folding Knives
Fixed Blade Knives
Tactical Pens
Training Knives

Equipment Bags
Police Equipment Bags
Backpacks & Hydration
Long Gun Carry Bags
Pistol Cases

Metal Detectors
Handheld Detectors
Walkthrough Detectors

Tactical Holsters
Tactical Belts
Tactical Pouches
Tactical Vests
Tactical Accessories
Tactical Lights
Tactical Gloves
Tactical Knives
Tactical Bags & Packs
Tactical Entry Tools

Gun Accessories
Gun Ammo
Gun Slings
Gun Cleaning
Gun Locks & Safes
Gun Grips & Accessories

Night Vision Optics
Spotting & Gun Scopes

Vehicle Equipment
Clipboards & Organizers

Training and Safety
Training Supplies
Safety Glasses & Goggles
Hearing Protection
Gas Masks
Police Riot Gear
Traffic Safety

Evidence Gathering
Drug Identification

Fire and Rescue
Firefighter Turnout Gear
Fire and Rescue Lights
Rescue Tools
EMT Gear

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