Crimson Trace Laser Grip LG-417 for Glock Review
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Crimson Trace Laser Grip LG-417 for Glock Review


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Crimson Trace LG-417 Laser Grips are designed to fit third-generation Glock 17 and 19 series pistols. The compact shape fits easily into Level III holsters, making it an ideal solution for law enforcement and security personnel. The .5-inch diameter red laser offers a maximum beam output of 5-milliWatts, meeting the maximum allowance under...

Aug 22, 2011 : Rob Pincus
Rob Pincus talks about the Crimson Trace laser grips for the Glock handgun. He walks you through the setup of the grip and how to go about properly using it for training and defensive purposes.
Crimson Trace Laser Grip LG-417 for Glock Review
Hi, Rob Pincus here, for Cops Plus and SWAT magazine. Today we're going to talk about the Crimson Trace LG-417 laser attachment device that works on any Glock standard or compact firearm. The nice thing about this is that it comes complete. It's a ready to go kit that's very easy to install on any of the Glocks that you may own for duty, home defense, or personal protection. Unlike older models that attached merely to the back of the grip, this one actually goes all the way around and gives us a good activation switch that attaches on the front that we're going to be able to put pressure on with our middle finger as we get our complete grip and actually go ahead and activate that laser.

Now, I said that the device actually comes with a complete kit, and it does. It comes complete with batteries. We have our instructions here, and we have everything that we need to assemble and actually sight the laser devise in. Now, if you're like me, you do some of your best gun-smithing work right here at the kitchen table, or the dining room table. But, I will suggest that you throw a towel down, just to make sure that you don't loose any of the small pieces. It's always going to be easier to work on this type of a surface. Especially when we start working with some of these small screws. There is one small screw that comes with this LG-417, and that's actually what we're going to use to create the tension that will hold it in place.

One of the things that I'll say right away that I notice, is that this isn't completely flush, and of course we've get these gaps where that small spacer went in. I want to make sure that I tighten this down really good. One thing I'm going to watch for right away when I start shooting this is, am I getting some kind of a bite. Now, of course with a Glock, we don't have to worry about hammer bite. I've got my scars from the 1911 Browning high-power gaze from hammer bite. I don't want to get new scars from pinches that might occur on this plastic on plastic where there's still a little bit of a gap.

It seems very stable. It doesn't feel like it's going to move, but under recoil, that might actually be a little bit abrasive. I'm sure it's nothing that a little bit of sandpaper, or maybe even just some gaff tape, or some type of electrical tape, or something like that to cover up those edges. It's going to be just fine.

What's important is that I can still get my good firing grip. I can still keep my finger, index, somewhere other than the trigger until I'm ready to shoot, which is actually going to be right up here, in front of the take-down pin. I like to put it right up here where the frame and the slide come together, just right there on that crease. Now, what you'll notice is that that blocks the laser, right. I don't ever want to use that laser for intimidation purposes. I'm not going to train as a tactic to use that laser to try to figure out where my gun is pointed. I want to know where my gun is pointed before I need to know exactly where that laser is.

I don't want to walk around with the laser on, and if I do happen, under stress, to grab and press on that laser button, this makes sure that that laser is projecting out in front of me, letting the bad guy, who I may still not have found, figure out exactly where I am in a dark environment, if I'm using that darkness to my advantage.

As I extend out, and move my finger to the trigger, of course, I know exactly where that muzzle is pointed, because that's exactly where the laser is pointed as well. Again, I'm going to triple check, now, and make sure there's no magazine, absolutely nothing in the chamber. I'm going to go ahead and close the slide. Now, at this point, what I'm going to do is take the same exact tool that I used to put the device on the gun, and I now can start making my adjustments in windage and elevation.

First thing I'm going to do, of course, is I've got a safe backstop over here, off camera. I'm going to extend and just see exactly where the laser guide is relative to my sights. I know that my sights on this gun are already sighted in and on. As I look down there, I see that it's off to the left just a little bit. If I take this and of course, this is all going to be in the instructions that come with your LG-417, if I take this, and I want to move the dot to the left, my sights were to the left, I'm just going to pull back towards me a little bit.

Then with a laser device, because I know that I will intuitively extend this firearm in and parallel with my line of sight, right there, I actually want to put that laser just a little bit high. If I do decide that I need that laser, I want to make sure that it's just a little bit above where that slide and front sight are going to be. I'm going to go ahead and turn that also. It is just barely up above the front sight. When I say that, I can't even see the whole dot above the front sight. Just a little bit of that red outside edge of the dot is what I'm looking for.

Now, what we're going to do, of course, is not just show you what this looks like on the gun, we're actually going to go to the range. I'm going to head up to Blackwing Shooting Center in Delaware, Ohio. We're going to take this out to the range, and we'll take a look at exactly how it performs when we're actually using it to help us as an aiming device on the Glock Defensive pistol.

The laser aiming device is not a primary aiming device in my opinion for a defensive gun, but it makes a great backup to your normal, full extend, touch, press. You're use of the iron sights when you need them, and when you can use them, and then, of course, in any situation when we're compromised, you can't get the full extension, it really comes in handy. The other situation where it comes in handy, is one where we have a low contrast situation, we still have the use of our sights, maybe we can use the sight, we can close our eye, we have plenty of time, picture the epitome of a hostage rescue situation, we think about that, or we've got a person who's being held at knife point, but there's low contrast. Maybe we've got dark sights, dark environment, and they've got a dark ski mask on.

We may not be able to see our sights, get good sight of line of sight picture because of that low light situation, but if we take a look at the head on this target we might be able to see that laser dot, and use that laser dot to ensure that we get the hit that actually need to get. Of course, one of the best things about having a laser aiming device as your tertiary method of aiming a defensive hand gun, is that if i can't reach full extension, if i can't close an eye, use my sights, maybe there's low contrast, low light, maybe I'm injured, and for some reason I can't get to full extension, I can still activate the laser, see that, touch, and press.

Then I'm going to be able to get a combat accurate shot. Now, of course, in this unsupported platform situation, we need to be prepared to clear any malfunctions, things like that, but if you can keep a string of fire going, as long as we need to, no problem. with this also, is that I can use this laser weak-handed. If I end up with a gun in a situation where it's fallen down to the ground, I've had to recover it, I'm in a weak-handed compromised shooting position, this might also enhance my ability, even in extension to be confident in getting that good defensive shot.

Another great thing about a laser grip, is it allows someone with minimal amounts of training to be able to use a firearm effectively, and efficiently in a home defense scenario. My daughter, Christina, here, hasn't don't much shooting with this particular Glock, but now that we've got the Crimson Trace laser grips on there, we've put a target out at a reasonable defensive distance, the kind of distance that she might encounter inside the home. Let's say I was injured, I dropped the firearm on the go signal, she's going to turn around, pick the firearm up, get a good grip, drive it out, look for that dot, get a couple of shots in that high center chest.

Go! Awesome. Turns out it was three shots. Really good shooting. Excellent work. The Crimson Trace laser grip makes it easy to be efficient with a defensive firearm.


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