511 Tactical Law Enforcement Vest
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511 Tactical Law Enforcement Vest

Aug 14, 2011 : Rob Pincus
Rob Pincus explores the features of the 511 Tactical Vest and the many ways you can use it for everyday use. This vest also helps to conceal weapons worn at the waist and includes sixteen specialized pockets on the outside and lining of this vest to store vital gear or documents.
511 Tactical Law Enforcement Vest
Rob Pincus here for S.W.A.T Magazine and CopsPlus. If I want to go from just wearing a polo shirt and jeans with maybe what I can fit in my jeans pockets which isn't much to fully kitted up and ready to go in just a matter of seconds, 1 way I can do it is with a 5.11 Tactical Vest. If you think about this vest, not as something you would necessarily wear every day or that you'd actually want to have with you all the time, but instead is something that you can have pre-loaded and packed and ready to go in your vehicle or maybe in a secure closet inside of your home. It could be the great answer to, What do you do in a worst-case scenario when you need a variety of gear very quickly?

If I go to the closet, take out this 5.11 Tactical Vest, throw it on, I'm going to immediately be equipped with a lot of things that I might need in a worst-case scenario.

Now 1 of the first things that I might want in a worst-case scenario of course is a fire arm. These vests have inside them some cavernous pockets which actually have a surface here which is covered with the soft side of a hook and loop fastener, the actual loop side that we can attach a variety different holster too to be able to contain a fire arm. Now this particular fire arm obviously is a full-size, grade full-size fire arm, it's a GLOCK 35 40 caliber. It's unloaded for the purpose of this demonstration.

I'll show you right here this holster that we actually have with the hook side of the hook and loop fastener on the back that fits right inside of there. Whether or not you want to keep a fire arm inside this vest ready to go or not is really going to be up to you. If I kept this entire unit inside of a quick access safe, some place that was secure, then for the investment of a few more seconds I go from getting my vest with all my other equipment to also having my fire arm, and I can quickly insert that in, secure that and have my fire arm on me, and have my fire arm on me concealed. A full-size fire arm carrying a fair amount of ammunition. That really would come in handy in a true worst-case scenario.

Let me go ahead and just place the things down here on this table as we go through them so we can see what else I've got. Now in addition to that fire arm over here on this pocket I've actually got magazines as well.

If you think about it, if I'm in a worst-case scenario I probably want, if I'm going to be doing a slide lock, reload, emergency reload, I probably want to have my magazines here on this side. Now from carrying them on my belt underneath of this and just wearing this simply as a concealment garment, no problem, sweep that out of the way, get my reload done.

If I am going to be wearing this vest, and I'm going to keep my magazines over here, I certainly want to practice coming back in from slide lock, reaching across and getting my magazines out from this side, bringing them up and placing them into the fire arm.

We've got 3 magazines kept over here inside of that pouch. As we look up here you can see I've got some more mundane items. Maybe my worst-case scenario doesn't come to the point where I actually need a fire arm, but I might actually want to take some notes and write something down. I carry a pen right up here in this pocket, of course this particular pen is actually an impact device and also a laser pointer. Put them down.

I think that's some business cards up here. Maybe this is copies of my ID, copies of my law enforcement ID, or simply copies of my concealed carry permits if I am in a situation where I'm not involved in law enforcement. Again I can place these down here on the table.

Now let's say that I go to my closet, I go to my quick access safe, and I grab my 5.11 Tactical Vest, but I also happen to grab a long gun. If that long gun is a shotgun, great. Right up here I've got shotgun shells. If I knew that I was going to be grabbing the vest and a shotgun I can really load this up.

Also magazines for an M4. I need the AR family supported by these magazine pouches. Of course you get AK magazines in there, you can put all kinds of different things right there inside of that.

Now, before we get too far away from the ammunition, if I'm in a slide lock situation coming back in and the vest were open, I can reach over with 1 hand to open this other cavernous pocket on the inside and pull out this extended magazine, which when I have a vest this size, I may as well have in there. Again, worst-case scenario, really bad day situation.

The other thing I've got inside here is a large flashlight. This is a larger flashlight, can I be able to carry it just in my jeans pocket or in the pockets of my khakis. This kind of a flash light can come in handy, very bright, obviously it's going to last out longer, we've got more batteries in there than we would in a compact one.

Another thing I've got in here is a relatively large knife. On this side, also, I should point out that the vest has these little belt keepers, you can actually loop those around your belt. It's going to keep the very tight and very snug to you, but I have found that if I'm not going to be wearing it every day, I'm just going to use this as my go-to vest, like we're having a bad case scenario, I actually have a place here for a multi-tool, I can keep something on either side, maybe a cell phone pouch, I could do all kinds of things there. I'm going to leave that attached, but I will go and pull that out, and put that Leatherman tool right there.

Here in this pocket I've actually got a tourniquet now. Medical equipment I think is really something a lot of people overlook when it comes to preparing for a worst-case scenario. If I'm going to be grabbing this vest, I've got my ammunition, I've got my knives, I've got my flashlights, I probably want to have some basic medical equipment in there too, and this is a great place to start.

I've also got some pouches here on the back side. Water is going to be a great option. This water here has obviously been used a little bit. On this side, maybe I'm not ready to go to a lethal response, but I do need to defend myself, this taser C2 fits very nicely in that pouch, always oriented properly with the taser device pointed down so that I can reach back, quickly open this up, activate that, use that for my personal defense as well.

Then in the center I've got several items really evolving around safety and comfort. Safety, comfort and medical equipment. I might have a large bandage. I may have some combat goggles in there, maybe some wet wipes, something like that. On the inside of the pouch, I've also got the pouches in the back, and again I've got more medical equipment. In that case, you've got an o-lace bandage there.

I think that's probably just about everything that I've got in here today. What's important to remember is that this doesn't come with the vest. The beauty of the 5.11 Tactical Vest or any go-bag or any go-vest that you're going to have set up, is that you're going to decide what to put in. Now you probably wouldn't agree with everything I have here. Maybe you'd want to add a whole bunch of things. Maybe you think some of these things are superfluous and not necessary. Either way you get to decide what you put in your 5.11 Tactical Vest, so that in your worst-case scenario, your bad day when you grab it, you are more likely to have the things that you're going to need and be prepared to take care of yourself, your family and your partners even on duty.

5.11 Tactical Vest. You might want to wear it every day simply as a concealment garment or you might want to have it there on the worst day.


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